HotNews – Stay Up-To-Date With SAP News and Notes

Initially launched in 1999, HotNews is a popular news website in Bulgaria. It was renamed Revista presei in 2005 and has a monthly audience of four million. It is run by a team of experienced journalists and offers content in a variety of media formats. It works with the BBC and Deutsche Welle to provide video and audio content. It also offers television content in partnership with TVR2. Its recent additions include more than 200 articles and daily reports.


The HotNews portal is free to use and is run by a company called Media Bit Software SRL. It is majority owned by two former Capital journalists. The website features SAP news and notes. It is updated regularly, but it is not user-friendly. Users may want to subscribe to a newsletter to stay informed of the latest SAP developments. To get the latest news, it is best to visit the site frequently. It also provides technical fixes and updates.

The newsletter is also frequently updated with news about SAP changes. If you are not on SAP ONE, you will miss out on important updates and news. However, if you sign up for SAP HotNews, you will not miss out on any important SAP updates. It is essential to stay up-to-date with the latest news and upgrades. And if you don’t keep an eye on the newsletter, you will miss out on all of the latest developments in SAP.

The HotNews newsletter is available to SAP customers only. Although the website doesn’t have the user-friendly interface, it offers the same benefits as the SAP One Support Launchpad. It lists HotNews based on their importance and whether they are urgent or not. It also has an option to send you emails about urgent upgrades. This way, you won’t miss important information that affects your business. There are no spam email addresses with this newsletter, which is a great plus.

The SAP One Support Launchpad application is not very user-friendly. Its HotNews feature lists the latest updates and news about SAP products. It doesn’t allow users to filter news by type. Instead, it displays all recent SAP notes, SAP news, and SAP upgrades. It is updated regularly and you can also subscribe to the newsletter to receive it by email. Once you’ve signed up for HotNews, you can view the latest SAP-related updates on the portal.

The SAP Hotnews portal is a useful resource for SAP users. Its content is relevant to the SAP products you use. It is available in many languages and is a good resource for SAP users. It also contains technical information. The HotNews portal is free and belongs to the Media Bit Software SRL. The company is mainly owned by two former journalists at Capital magazine. It offers news about SAP projects, product updates, and company announcements.